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Calçada dos Frades

Built in the 18th century to serve the construction and use of the Convento Dominicano de Nossa Senhora das Neves.

The Calçada dos Frades is a cobblestone path found in some areas of Serra de Montejunto Mountain and was built in the beginning of the 13th century to be used as access to the construction of the Convento Dominicano de Nossa Senhora das Neves. Through this path would travel working animals and carts with the construction materials necessary, as the stonework, bricks, roof tiles and ornamental materials, like the tiles that lined the interior walls.

The supplies for the workers and after that for the Dominican monk’s daily use were transported through that path which ended at the door of a walled courtyard where they were unloaded to be stored. The Calçada dos Frades was used by the pilgrims to the Capela de Nossa Senhora das Neves until the paved road was built.


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